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Successful together with our customers!

integration - visualization - optimization - these are the three keywords which characterize our central focus: the complete support of our customers from consultancy through to an operational system. We combine our competence in the areas of technology and economics with detailed knowledge of the business sector, in order to arrive at the optimum system solution in close partnership and cooperation with our customer.
The focal point of our work lies in the development of complex, customized business software and special solutions for the areas automotive, health care, and suppliers of control and communication systems. As a system integrator we ensure the smooth interaction of all components of the solution.

Only those who take on and accept this complexity will be successful, and, whoever enters into the world of customers, must handle things cooperatively and solve problems together. Hand in hand with the customer.

Our name is our motto: be integrated!

  • we integrate company processes and procedures
  • we create transparency through visualization and
    optimize through process-supporting solutions
  • we stand for needs-based integration of application,
    information and distributed data

Knowledge is our market. Come and design it. Together with us.

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The consultants of the in-GmbH analyze and optimize the existing information and process structures for renown internationally operating clients. Based on these analyses, our specialists develop web-based software solutions for the specific exchange of information,  for integrated and flexible processes, and for greater transparency through visualization. This allows customers to manage and permanently improve their processes.